Stay tuned for the launch of the smart agriculture incubator products in Africa Technology City

Based on the incubator’s work plans, the most prominent of which are incubating ideas that wish to devise smart solutions for the agricultural process and promote various agricultural ideas and problems (from the beginning of preparation to post-harvest),
In order to implement these plans, Dr. Farid Abdullah Al-Tom, Head of the Smart Agriculture Incubator in Africa Technology City – which was incubated at the end of 2021 – prepared and developed the products of the incubator, which are
1/ Trafarm application that targets small farmers.
2/ Moisture sensors and plant nutrients that contribute to reducing energy consumption by 17% and increasing productivity by 21%.
3/ Drones and their uses in agricultural operations, such as pesticide spraying, seed eagles, space raising operations, detection of pests and diseases, and soil analysis.