Africa Technology City was established by presidential decree in 2008, to play a leading role in the field of technological research by integrating advanced technology to harness development and production, disseminate technological knowledge and culture, and encourage investment in various fields of technology. Our future plans include hosting companies and innovators to help them create knowledge-based production, providing sponsorship for scientific research and advanced technological means for projects, and finally generating national benefits from the ICT industry and services, in addition to providing smart education technology.


  • Exemption from business profit taxes for a period of 10 years, renewable as recommended by the city authority.
  • Exemption from customs for all work requirements within the city.
  • Smart life and premium and high quality services within the city.
  • Guarantee against nationalization and illegal confiscation.
  • Free movement of money.
  • High-speed communications services (most areas of the city have an open wireless Internet service).
  • Excellent scientific environment and technical support.