Training course for employees of Africa city of Technology entitled Financial Analysis and Budget

Africa City of Technology organized a training course for its employees at headquarters in Khartoum North entitled Financial Analysis and Budgeting for a period of 6 days during the period 2nd -6th October 2022.  The objectives of the course were to enable the participants to know the scientific steps needed to prepare and analyze planning budgets.

Training of fifth year students in chemistry _ College of Science – University of Khartoum / Africa City of Technology Laboratories August 2022 AD

Master’s students in Chemistry, University of Khartoum / research work – Africa Technology City – supervised by Dr. Khadija Al-Numeiri .

A training course in the field of "water and thermal insulation of buildings"

Which was organized by the Training Department (in the city), and the training course will last for 5 days, during which the trainees will receive theoretical lectures
And a practical program applied to the buildings of the Technology City of Africa as (a case study).
The training course targets 20 male and female trainees of engineers of various specializations, which are provided by the trainer, consultant engineer / Mohamed Mahjoub Abdel Rahim.