Food Technology Incubator


Head, Food Technology Incubator

Curriculum Vitae

We are interested in producing high quality healthy, natural and local foods that cover the needs of the local market and open the opportunity to export to other markets. • The importance of the food industry stems from the complexity and involvement of the diverse businesses that supply most of the food consumed by the world’s population. Food technologies provide for different types of production, the possibility of exporting products to other markets using different preservation methodologies, and, finally, scientific and technical means of processing food products.

Objectives of Food Technology Incubator

  1. Take advantage of the raw materials during the period of production
  2. Conduct applied research
  3.  The establishment of technology incubators and organizing training courses
  4.  Bank set up to conserve the medicinal and aromatic plants
  5.  Marketing, which depends on the availability of appropriate raw materials for the conservation and manufacturing operations, the quantities required and appropriate prices, as well as providing proper packaging.

Food Technology Incubators types

  1. Jiben  powder incubator for cheese production at (ACT)
  2. Food technology incubator  (legumes and meat dehydration) at (ACT)
  3. Gum Arabic  Powder (Spray-dried), Tabaldi and Aradeb (ACT)
  4. Food and dairy technology incubators at Tulus (south Darfur)

- Products of Jiben Incubator

  • Type of  Products:

Jiben seeds extract in powder form                                                

Jiben seeds extract in freeze-dried form

 Jiben seeds extract in solution

  • Processed cheeses:

 White pickled  cheese –  Mudaffra cheese – Mozzarella cheese – Semi-hard cheese

- Products of Food Technology Dehydration Incubators

Dehydrated organic products without chemical additives could be obtained from  Toluoss Food Technology Incubator  located in south Darfur, in association with Africa City of Technology food center. 

  • dried meat
  • dried onion
  • dried okra
  • dried tomatoes
  • Dried moringa leaves and mint are in powder form.

– dried ready to eat meals, no preservatives, 

Can be stored at room temperature for more than 12 months

Can be Prepared in 5 minutes.
Meals are:

(Tagallia,  Neimia,  Kawal,  Mossran and  Roodo

- Instant Gum Arabic Powder dried

- Baobab fruit pulp capsule and dried baobab

- Bio yoghurt (Probiotic) with gum Arabic (Prebiotic)

- Pasteurized milk in sachets

  • Natural Pasteurized milk.
  • Pasteurized milk with date.