Incubator of natural pharmaceutical products

Sudan is characterized by the multiplicity of plants that have been used in the field of treatment for more than four thousand years, which are estimated to be more than 2000 plants used as a treatment for some diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that 65-80% of the world’s population uses medicinal herbs in one stage of treatment and to take advantage of the multiplicity of medicinal plants present in Sudan and to make folk medicine engage in the right scientific field, the world. His influence shifted to a focus on products. Therefore, the Second International Conference on the Belt and Road of Traditional Medicine was recently held in China from November 6 to 8, 2018 in Wuhan, which brought together a number of countries in the world who unanimously agreed on the importance of medicinal plants in the extraction of natural plants. Medical compounds were presented and the experiences of countries such as China, Japan and Australia in this field and Sudan were among the countries of the world. The world’s richest countries with medicinal plants that extend from the desert to the forests that can contribute to solving many global and local health problems and finding nutritional supplements .

The importance of the work of the pharmaceutical processing incubator for natural products:

The importance of the work of the pharmaceutical processing incubator for natural products:
We in the incubator of pharmaceutical treatments for natural products are keen to incubate companies and individuals with experience and work in this field to extract pharmaceutical products that can be marketed locally and globally through the incubator, which can contribute to supporting the public economy and making Sudan among the countries rich in its natural medicinal plant resources where we have Contacts and agreements with research institutions from China, Central China University of Agriculture, Department of Medicinal Plants, Gastrointestinal Cancer Research Reference Laboratory, Fujian Medical University, and others that can contribute to technical and scientific support .

Objectives of the work of the pharmaceutical processing incubator for natural products:

  1. Incubating groups that extract nutritional supplements from Sudanese medicinal plants .
  2. Incubating groups that work to identify the components that are used in pharmacy from the Sudanese botanical .
  3. Marketing of products by contacting local and international investors .

Expected benefits:

  1. Production of nutritional supplements from Sudanese plants .
  2. Extracting high quality pharmaceutical products that compete globally.
  3. Transfer of foreign expertise, such as China, in the field of medicinal plants .
  4. Encouraging researchers to submit their research results for benefit .
  5. Developing new technologies in the field .

business models :

Baobab compound preparation

The country was exposed to a severe shortage of vitamin C as a result of the ban imposed as a result of the Corona pandemic and the high demand for it, so it was necessary to find an alternative to compensate for the severe shortage and at the same time inform people about the importance of natural products that are available in Sudan, so we cooperated with the multi-purpose Chicago company to produce the baobab product, which is considered One of the richest sources of Vitamin C ever, with the addition of gum arabic and other additives. Thank God, the project was implemented successfully, and estimated quantities were distributed in pharmacies. We entered the second phase of the project, which is the export phase. We have understandings with several foreign companies. The project needs support in the next stage to develop the final form to compete globally .


We studied the effect of β-Sitosterol found in black seed and our result shows that β-Sitosterol has an effect on HepG2.2.15cancer cell line transfected with HBV by decrease the viable cells and the migrant cells. The impact of β-Sitosterol on HBV was identified by studying the gene expression using Gene chip microarrays, Gene Ontology   showed that β-Sitosterol has a significant role in enriching cellular senescence pathway and in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression, extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway. Also showed significance enriched in negative regulation of megakaryocyte and increase cell adhesion by increasing hemophilic cell adhesion via plasma membrane adhesion molecules and stimulates the phagocytosis .These findings open new areas of research in the field of cancer HCC treatment and hepatitis B virus infection.

The technical program for the work of the incubator

The incubator extracts the active substances through

  1. chemical extraction .
  2. Using Cell Experiments
    To study the effect of extracted substances on cells .
  3. Studying experimental animals and we have understandings with Chinese universities .
  4. Registering the product in the name of the researcher and obtaining certifications for the product .
  5. Contacting companies to conduct tests on humans in the case of drugs and marketing the product .